The Enrolment Process

Perth Montessori follows a structured enrolment process to ensure all applications for enrolment are conducted consistently and fairly and that students and families are offered our professional services at all times.

Due to our individualised approach to each of our student's education, we are able to accept enrolments throughout the school year and at any age level.

The Process

1. Initial Enquiry 

Please contact our enrolments team if you would like to discuss your family's educational needs.

We recommend you book a tour to learn about Perth Montessori and to find out if our school might be suitable for your family.

2. Make an Application 

Having toured our school if you wish to apply for a place for your child, please fill in and return the Application For Enrolment Form to our enrolment team. This form will have been provided, along with other relevant documentation, during your tour.

Supporting Documents;

A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunisation History from My Gov is also essential. In addition, please provide any academic or medical reports with your application.
If your child was born overseas or you do not have permanent residency, it is also essential that Visa status documentation also be included with the documentation at this stage.

3. Application Confirmation

Once the application form, application fee, birth certificate, Immunisation Record and Visa status (if applicable) has been received, we will send you a confirmation email receipt of your application.

At this stage, we will also provide you with a Parent/Carer Questionnaire to complete. This must be returned, along with all relevant assessments, diagnostic tests and school reports, before an interview can be scheduled.

4. Interview

According to your child’s position on the waiting list, our enrolment team will contact you to meet with the Cycle Leader and/or Principal. This is an opportunity for you to discuss any questions you may have regarding our school, our Montessori program, and the specific needs of your child. It is also an opportunity for us to understand more about your expectations and why you have chosen Perth Montessori.

5. Offer of a Place

Based on the interview, any supplementary information provided, a position becoming available and our ability to meet the needs and expectations of your child and family, a Letter of Offer may be forwarded to you. This is typically done within 2 weeks of your interview.

6. Acceptance and Confirmation of a Place

If you wish to accept the offered place for your child, then the Acceptance documentation provided with the Offer Letter will need to be returned to the enrolments team within 14 days of the written offer (or prior to commencement – whichever is earlier).  Payment of the relevant fees and bond are also required to confirm your child's place.

Should you not wish to accept the offer of a place, we would appreciate you notifying our enrolments team. If the Acceptance documentation and relevant fees are not received within 14 days of the offer, your child’s position will be offered to the next in line on our application list.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions regarding enrolments please contact our enrolments team via email, or phone reception on +61 (0)8 9362 3186.