Uniform & Dress Code

Perth Montessori is currently undergoing a change in uniform design to coincide with the return to our Montessori name. During this transition, the Uniform Policy has been eased to accommodate old and new uniform styles. All previous Perth Individual uniform items as well as the orange or purple Perth Montessori polo or dress are welcome. Please coordinate these with plain black or navy bottoms during the school wear transition period.

Purchase of Uniform Items

Brand new "old" uniform stock is still available in a range of sizes and styles at the on-site uniform shop - located on the ground floor of the Cycle 2 building next to the entrance to One Tree, our OHSC provider. These are available for purchase at significantly discounted prices.

Please contact reception for access to the uniform shop out of usual hours or for information on the current opening hours.

Dress Code


The school operates a "no hat - no play" policy which requires all students to wear one of the approved school hats for all outdoor activities during the school year.


The school policy is to encourage suitable footwear that is a comfortable fit and allows students to run and play freely. Sandals, shoes and socks, and sneakers are acceptable. Other types of footwear can be dangerous and are not recommended.

During the transition to the new PM uniform design, the school is not concerned about the colour of footwear.


Scarves are not permitted for safety reasons. Directors will ask students to remove any accessories that distract them from their learning.

Moving to a new PM Uniform

Our school community was surveyed at various stages over the last 12 months regarding preferred choices on a range of uniform options; everything from supply methods to uniform colours. The results from the surveys have informed the design that was finally ratified by the School Board in Term 4 2021.

Below is a mockup of the design that was eventually chosen. The school colour will be purple, with black as the secondary colour for pants, shorts, skorts and shoes etc.


Results from the uniform surveys can be accessed using the following links: